Importance Of Effective Appraisals At Workplace

31 Oct 2018 13:41
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“It is obvious that performance appraisals are an expensive, mojo-crushing waste of time”, Liz Ryan contributed in Forbes.

She isn’t alone. Many other experts agree that appraisals are a waste of time and too costly to perform.

Despite the reservations people have against them, most companies still consider them ideal tools for the evaluation of employee performances and identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses.

The need for trained personnel and effective appraisals

Owing to the numerous benefits of appraisals you might be inspired to implement appraisals at your workplace. An important thing to keep in mind before you set out on this rewarding journey is that an appraisal implemented ineffectively can go the wrong way.

Employees Appraisals at Workplace

Instead of providing the benefits that they are associated with appraisals, it may hurt employee sentiments, and even cause outrage among them. In order to avoid the outcomes of ineffective appraisals it is important that organizations hire experts to provide training on how to effectively perform appraisals at workplaces.

Expert companies offer training courses in Dubai, for organizations, employers and employees that can help parties learn the essentials of an effective appraisal. In the long run these organizations can then implement tactics learned in their own work environments more effectively than if they had done it without trainings.

According to a company’s statistics pertaining to ineffective appraisals:

  • Companies performing regular feedback reported a turnover rate of 14.9% lower than for employees with no feedback.
  • 92 % of employees feel that negative feedback if delivered positively could help with performance improvement.

The above examples are just a drop in the sea, when it comes to the consequences of ineffective proposals. However, even a drop is sufficient to highlight the importance of an effective appraisal and the need for experts training courses.

Benefits of an effective appraisal

Set goals and objectives

Appraisals are not only about reviewing your employee's past performance. Apart from studying their performance in accordance with the goals they set up earlier on, it is essential that an employer discuss future goals and how they could achieve them.

In case of issues with the fulfillment of objectives and goals, the employer can work with the employee in an attempt to uncover issues and work together to achieve goals.

Opens communication lines

An effectively managed appraisal should allow the employee to communicate their issues to you with trust and without any fear of repercussions. Employees facing issues can come up to the employers or reviewers and voice their concern over an issue that may be trivial at that moment but could have escalated to more significant problems.

Allows giving and receiving feedback

An appraisal that’s effective provides an equal opportunity for the client to receive and also give feedback. If you’re an employer, an effective appraisal should allow you to convey to your employee areas that they've improved in and also areas that need improvement and hard work.

Not only this, your employees should be able to convey to you any hindrances, any issues that they have with the work environment, co-workers and their amount of work. This helps uncover any issues that you as an employer or reviewer, may be unaware of, allowing you to take some necessary actions.

Helps assess core areas needing improvement

An appraisal if carried out correctly can help assess any problems with the organizational operations, including recruitment. For Example, employees who are satisfied with the workload and are achieving the initial goals that they set for themselves convey the soundness of the recruitment process at your organization.

Poor performers and those who are not able to achieve the goals that they’ve set for themselves shows a recruitment process that may need changes. Effective appraisals can help identify core areas of improvement within the organization.

Tracks performance and performer

An effective performance appraisal will serve the purpose of an academic record for your employees:

You as the reviewer or employer will be able to identify their improvements, weaknesses, strengths and in general their performance. You will be able to identify the:

  • Top performers for recognition and awards
  • Poor performers for demotion or provision of notices
  • Moderate performers to help boost their morale and work on them to improve


As the demands of the corporate world change every day, the aspect of improvement remains constant. Improvements stem from assessment and assessment calls for effective appraisals to identify areas of improvement in companies.

Appraisals however implemented, need to be effective in providing the benefits they are best known for. For companies that are looking for experts to provide them essential skills on conducting appraisals, companies that offer appraisal training courses in Dubai may just be the best bet, for you, your employees, and the organization.

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